don't know who I am (yet)?

Some people know me. Some people don't.

As long as you know I am the person on the left, we are off to a wonderful start of what can be an epic friendship.

Similarly, some people know you while others don't.

I help people get noticed and known by their ideal customers and help them grow their authority platform in the process.

That way, you're not like me in Botanical Gardens wondering when you'll get noticed by this pumpkin thing.

Eventually I started a podcast because this pumpkin thing wasn't much of a conversationalist. I then started two more podcasts because I enjoy having empowering conversations.

Somewhere out there is a podcaster who will be interviewing me in the next 5 minutes and is scrambling to find my bio (I'm a podcaster so I know this is true).

We'll start with your typical copy and paste bio for all of the podcast hosts out there and then build up from there...

The "Copy And Paste" Bio

Marc Guberti is a business freelance writer who creates content for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. He hosts the Breakthrough Success Podcast where he teaches listeners how to grow their businesses and achieve personal transformations.

Mission Statement And A Request

I want to inspire young people around the world to start their career paths now. Starting young gives you the ability to build your authority platform before most of the living expenses kick in later in life and it becomes more difficult to do what you love.

Your age and current level of knowledge do not matter. We all start knowing nothing and learn along the way. I'm about to get into how I help business owners, but if you have a child or know someone who can really benefit from this message, please share it with them and give them that sense of empowerment.

What I do now...

This isn't the most picturesque picture of me but that's what the Yonkers Marathon will do to you. At least I'm not bleeding in this one like I was for my first Marathon.

And yes, I did have fun in this race...I promise

Good times 🙂

My fastest marathon time so far is 2:48:46 which helped me qualify for some of my favorites.

"Life is not a is a marathon."


Life is not a sprint. Life isn't a marathon either. Instead, life is a series of marathons. You reach the finish line only to find yourself at a new starting line a few days later.

Or at least that's what I'm finding with these marathons.

My dream as a runner is to run in all 6 Marathon Majors (NYC, Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin, and Tokyo). The goal is a multiyear effort as the only way to enter these marathons for the most part is to hit your qualifying time, raise thousands of dollars for a charity, or get lucky in the lottery.

I see running as a way to test your human potential. Running puts you in an entirely different mindset that can change your entire work ethic for the better.

I bring up the marathons because business isn't a single marathon. It is a series of marathons that lead you to the goals you are after.

If you want to get in front of more potential customers using a podcast, YouTube channel, or book, I can help you.

I coach clients and also offer podcast and YouTube management services for the people who just want to show up, create content, and do nothing else.

I've invested in several coaches who have allowed me to achieve success faster than I could have on my own.

If you want to ask me about my services or just chat, shoot me an email

So...that's me

Some people know me. Some people don't.

You now know a little more about me...but I'd love to know more about you.

Content creators just see a bunch of numbers in their stats, but they don't get to see whose visiting their content and when.

Whether it's through an email or social media message, let me know that you stopped by. And I certainly hope you enjoy the content.