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What The Virtual Summit Blueprint Gives You

Hosting a successful virtual summit will forever change your brand. Some virtual summit hosts went on to make six figures from their virtual summits...but every virtual summit host automatically becomes seen as a top expert on the summit's topic.

Hosting a successful virtual summit is the quickest way to become an authority in your niche, create a high value product, and make some serious revenue all at the same time. More people are embracing virtual summits so they can build a massive audience in 12 weeks instead of 12 years. Do you want a massive audience in 12 weeks instead of 12 years?

You might say that you don't have enough time to run a virtual summit. Let's make something clear. That's totally wrong. I hosted my first virtual summit as a 19 year old student-athlete, and I got over 50 speakers for that summit. Let's not forget that I was studying for final exams while working on my summit.

And I couldn't be happier about hosting my virtual summit. I've met and bonded with great people. I also learned far more about content marketing through these sessions than anything else I had done before. If you aren't running a virtual summit, then you are running away from the greatest opportunity right now.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in VSB:

  • How to monetize a virtual summit as much as possible
  • How to get speakers for your virtual summit
  • How to stay organized while organizing your virtual summit
  • How to promote your virtual summit before, during, and after

In addition to the videos I'll provide in the VSB portal, students get access to the following bonuses:

  • Personal advice for your summit via email ($297 value)
  • The funnel map I used for Content Marketing Success Summit ($197 value)
  • Swipe copy I used for Content Marketing Success Summit ($197 value)

I normally charge $997 for the Virtual Summit Blueprint. 

I'm willing to offer it to you for $197 if you are ready to enroll into the course.

This is my way of rewarding the people who take action early.