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They say the first 100 YouTube subscribers are the hardest ones to get

After watching many videos and hearing from other YouTubers about the toughest numbers to hit, I heard a few common numbers...

➤ 100 Subscribers

➤ 1,000 Subscribers

➤ 10,000 Subscribers

Those are the hardest numbers to hit, but each one gets easier from there. Notice that 100,000 subscribers isn't on the list. Once you hit 10,000, it actually gets much easier to grow your channel and eventually reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Most channels don't have their first 100 subscribers. That's why I decided to create this challenge to help YouTubers get their first 100 subscribers in 30 days.

And if you are a YouTuber who already has over 100 subscribers, taking this challenge will help you get 100 new subscribers each month. For YouTubers only gaining a couple of subscribers each month, jumping up to 100 new subscribers each month will accelerate your channel's growth.

If we can get you to your first 100 subscribers and help you gain 100 new subscribers each month, hitting the other goals will become much easier. That's the goal for this challenge...

100 new YouTube subscribers in 30 days.

Join The "100 Subscriber" Challenge ➤