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The 7 Laws Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most important ways to grow your business. Social media allows you to build connections that last for a long period of time, and marketing your products and blog posts on a powerful platform will allow you to get more traffic. The only way to be successful with social media marketing is by knowing what tactics must be followed. These are the Seven Laws Of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Provide quality content. You can spend $100,000 on advertising, but in the end, quality content is what makes people stick around. You may get a big spike in traffic in the beginning, but that traffic will go on a rapid decline if the content you lead your visitors to is bad.
  2. Be patient. It’s easily to get discouraged with only 100 followers. However, by being patient and constantly learning, you will eventually grow your following dramatically. There was a point when I had 0 followers on Twitter, and there was a point when I was stuck at 1,667 followers for several months. By being patient, I ended up discovering a method which I now use to gain 500 followers every day. In addition, the only reason this blog is successful is because of my Twitter account. Then, everything else (SEO, better content, etc) came into place.
  3. Optimize your blog. This one is a must (but then again, they all are). Once you get visitors, throwing away that traffic would be such a shame. This is the part that many people forget, and as a result, they throw away the traffic they get. Boost the chances of having someone subscribe to your blog by creating a blog that is designed to have a very low bounce rate.
  4. Have a clear message. Your message determines who your targeted audience is. Make your message clear by focusing on specific niches instead of having an unclear message with too much clutter. It is better to focus on 1 niche than it is to give some of your attention to 10 things you are interested in and make that your message.
  5. Listen to others. One of the qualities of leaders is to listen before speaking. Take the time to read your followers’ tweets before you respond to them. In addition, listen to people’s problems concerning your niche. What are certain aspects of your niche that give people the hardest time? Listening will help you identify the answer to that question and give you an idea for your next product.
  6. Include a free prize. The more free prizes you have, the better. Include a free prize in your social media marketing strategy so you get more likes, retweets, repins, or any other social media metric that you want. You can also include a free prize on your blog so more people who go to your blog from social networks are likely to become subscribers.
  7. Post content more often on your social networks. Going from tweeting once every hour to tweeting once every 30 minutes did me a lot of good. Going on to send out one tweet every 20 minutes yielded better results. Part of social media marketing is getting seen by as many people as possible. By scheduling posts (which allows you to post consistently), more people will be able to see your posts. In addition, send out posts when most of your followers are online. Facebook has its own statistics for Facebook Pages that allow you to see this while you can use Tweriod to see when people are on Twitter.

In order to get the best results from social media marketing, you need to follow these rules. Although they do not guarantee overnight results, performing these actions will allow you to see a dramatic increase in traffic and conversions over time. What are your thoughts on these social media marketing laws and do you have any other tips you would like to share? Please share your thoughts and advice below.


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