5 Tips To Using LinkedIn For Your Business

Although LinkedIn is commonly used as a way for someone to find a good job in their area, it has many benefits for businesses as well. There are many businesses that use LinkedIn to get customers and appear on big media outlets. One person I know used LinkedIn to get written about in Forbes. If your business is not on LinkedIn now, you need to get on, and if you are on LinkedIn but don’t know what to do, here are five tips that you can implement so your business does better on LinkedIn.
#1: Build connections with the right people

Although there are many millions of LinkedIn users, there are only two types of connections that are the right ones to have. The first type of connection is a connection with a targeted person. Targeted people are the type of people who would be interested in your business’ message right when they connect with you, and these people could also become customers. If you write books about social media, and the person you connect with wants to learn more about social media, that person will be attracted to your books.

Some businesses, brick-and-mortars in particular, should make sure most of the people they connect with live nearby. If you are have a brick-and-mortar store in California, most of the people you connect with should be from California who would want to buy the products in your store. The great thing about LinkedIn it that you can find and connect with people based on their country, state/province, and city. That means if you are the brick-and-mortar store in California or anywhere else in the world, it is easy to find the connections who live nearby.

If you want to see how likely someone would buy one of your products, take a look at that person’s bio, posts, and some of the people who that person talks to. If you can conclude that the person has an interest in products or businesses similar to yours, these people may be open to your business and buying products from you.

The second person to build a connection with is the person who would give you a business opportunity. If you want to be a public speaker, connect with the people who have hosted public speaking events before.
#2: Interact with those connections

Just because someone connects with you does not mean that person is going to immediately buy your products. That’s because you need to establish a certain level of trust that entices this person to buy your products. Creating a friendship between you and this connection is essential towards building that trust.

It is a universal fact that we like to do things for someone else if we have a great conversation and develop some type of friendship. You are more likely to buy a product from your best friend than someone who you do not know. You want to interact with those connections so you are able to develop friendships.

Regardless of whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand connections, you should make it a point to interact with as many of your connections as possible. Some of these people may buy your products because they enjoy having conversations with you while others will present you with new opportunities. You never know how these friendships will pay off later in your journey.
#3: Promote your blog and products

LinkedIn is a great place to promote your blog and products. LinkedIn allows you to include links to your blog and products in your bio and leave descriptions for them both. Promoting your blog and products gives your connections a place to go after the conversation develops.

The ideal strategy is to promote your blog above all of your products. Then, make sure your blog is optimized to get email addresses and sales. The people who visit your blog long enough may decide to go back to your LinkedIn profile and see what products you have. The more enticing your description is, the more likely someone will be to buy one of your products.
#4: Create a LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn group is a place where like-minded people are able to talk about a common niche. Like-minded people may buy products from you, and many of them will be great people to interact with. You will be able to learn more about your niche and empower others at the same time!

One of the perks to creating your own LinkedIn Groups is that you are able to make announcements which get sent to everyone’s inboxes. This could be a way for you to tell people about a discount for a product or promote the launch of another product.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. You want all of these like-minded people to stay in your group. That means constantly telling people about your products will make your group seem more like a way for you to do a big sales pitch than anything else. You should only send 1-2 announcements each month that promote one of your products and have other announcements that do not promote your products.
#5: Post status updates often

Let people know what you are doing next so you are able to build buzz for what you are doing. How is your next product going? Do you have any discounts your customers should know about? Did you recently write a blog post and want to share it with everyone? Posting status updates may also spark email conversations which are the best kinds of conversations to have to get more sales and subscribers.

When you post status updates, keep it related to your niche. LinkedIn is a very business savvy social network compared to the others which means most of the people who go on your LinkedIn account will want to learn more things about the niche you are in. Instead of telling people what you ate for breakfast this morning or going off-subject, constantly talk about your niche so your connections know what to expect when they view your LinkedIn posts.
In Conclusion

LinkedIn is a powerful social network that has a variety of possibilities. Using LinkedIn for your business has the potential to boost sales and bring more traffic to your blog. What are your thoughts on using LinkedIn for your business? Do you have any other methods that you use LinkedIn for? Please share your thoughts below.


There are a wide variety of statistics that people are using to make decisions for their brands. Some bloggers look at their traffic statistics to determine what to do next while Twitter users look at their individual statistics on TwitterCounter. Another group of statistics that are at times overlooked are the statistics on entire social networks such as Twitter. Here are the statistics you need to know:

  1. 23% of Twitter accounts are in the United States.
  2. Twitter users are three times as likely to follow a brand as Facebook users are.
  3. 42% of users learn about products and services via Twitter.
  4. 19% of users seek customer support on Twitter.
  5. 78% of Twitter users are active on mobile.
  6. 49% of Twitter users have an iPod.
  7. Over 500 million tweets are sent out every day.
  8. There are 271 million monthly active users on Twitter.
  9. There are over 100 million users who are active on Twitter daily.
  10. The average user spends 170 minutes on Twitter every month.
  11. 29% of millennials (ages 15-34) use Twitter.
  12. 29% of Twitter users check the social network multiple times every day.
  13. There are approximately 20 million fake Twitter users
  14. 50% of Twitter users are male and 50% of Twitter users are female.
  15. 11% of Americans tweet every month.
  16. In Q2 2014, Twitter timelines got 173 billion views.
  17. 81% of millennials on Twitter check the social network daily.
  18. 50% of UK users have tried a new restaurant based on Twitter recommendations.
  19. The average number of tweets per Twitter user is 307.
  20. There is also a cool website that allows you to see how many tweets are sent out in real time. You can get to this website here.

Those are the 20 Twitter statistics that you can use to make decisions for your business and identify how your target audience uses Twitter. What were your thoughts on the statistics? Did one of these statistics catch your eye? Do you have another Twitter statistic that you know of? Please share your thoughts and statistics below.


One of the most common questions I get from Twitter newbies is “what is a hashtag?” They appear in numerous tweets, and if you are on the Twitter home page seeing the updates from other people rushing in, it won’t take a while for you to see a tweet with a hashtag.

Hashtags in essence are the SEO for Twitter. All you have to do is put “#” in front of a word, and then you have your own hashtag. When using hashtags, be sure to only use them for keywords. Since my blog is about social media, I tend to use #SocialMedia instead of Social Media in my tweets.

There is a distinct difference between the two because #SocialMedia is a clickable link that leads people to all of the tweets with “#SocialMedia” in it. That means if someone else tweeted #SocialMedia, and someone clicks on that link, the person who clicked on the link will be able to see all of the tweets on Twitter with “#SocialMedia,” including yours. People who enter “#SocialMedia” in Twitter’s search engine also have a chance of seeing your tweets. Of course, this is also true with searching “Social Media,” but every tweet that contain “#SocialMedia” contains that clickable link which can potentially bring more exposure to your tweet.

It is important to use hashtags often and for certain keywords. It is better to dominate one popular keyword such as #SocialMedia than it is to have a mediocre presence from 10 hashtags. In addition, you should make it a point to only have 1-2 hashtags in each tweet. Hashtags have been proven to increase the number of retweets a tweet gets, but the more hashtags are in a tweet, the harder it is to read.

That’s everything you need to know about hashtags. What are your thoughts about hashtags? Do you use hashtags often? Too often? Please share your thoughts about hashtags below.


I recently had the privilege of doing some digging within my own niche. Sometimes, we think we know absolutely everything in our niche inside-out. However, it is amazing how much valuable information related to our niches is on the web. When Social Media Examiner posted the Top 10 Social Media Blogs, I was all over all of them and learned a lot from the research.

There is no way I could write one blog post about all of the things I learned. I must have been on all of those blogs for hours. One of the things I did learn about is a cool tool that allows people to create powerful headlines. The headlines of your blog posts are the attention grabbers which means the better a headline is, the more clicks and readers it gets.

This cool tool is the Aminstitute Headline Analyzer, and it measures how emotionally grabbing your headlines are. The more emotionally grabbing a headline is, the more attention it gets. Some emotionally grabbing headlines encourage people to perform actions such as subscribing to your blog or buying one of your products.

This tool also gives you a percentage, and the higher that percentage is, the more emotionally grabbing your blog post is. I decided to test it out and was quickly amazed by the results.

Going in, the headlines for one of my blog posts was “5 Things About Blogging That Most People Forget.” I thought the headline looked good, but when I ran it into the Aminstitue Headline Analyzer, I got a 12.50%. Initially confused about the low score, I realized this was a negative title. The words “Most People Forget” are not exactly the positive words that people want to hear.

This motivated me to plug in different words to create a better headline. It would have been the same blog post either way, but the only thing different would be the headline. After tinkering with the tool, I finally came up with, “5 Blogging Tips You Absolutely Positively Need To Know Immediately.” This title creates a call to action and emphasizes how important those blogging tips are. This headline scored an 80% on the Aminstitute Headline Analyzer.

Would you rather read a blog post called 5 Thing About Blogging That Most People Forget or a blog post called 5 Blogging Tips You Absolutely Positively Need To Know Immediately? I know which one I would pick.

How did you like this blog post? Are you going to use the Aminstitute Headline Analyzer? Have you used it already? Be sure to share your thoughts below.


Zig Ziglar was onto something when he said that motivation and bathing don’t last which is why they need to be practiced daily. Just because you are motivated today does not mean you are going to be motivated tomorrow. We have all had the sequence when we feel incredibly happy on one day and then horrified on the other day, or the opposite. That is because many people do not see the reason to practice motivation every day. As a result, this motivation does not last.

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned how the first hour you wake up controls the rest of your day. This means on a typical day if you motivate yourself early in the day, you will remain motivated for the rest of that day. Then, you have to repeat the process again tomorrow. Instead of going through day by day trying to motivate yourself, you need to set up a plan for yourself so you start the day right and stay motivated every day. Here are the three ways to get motivated early so you stay motivated for the rest of the day.

  1. Realize that you are a miracle. There are some days when the journey gets rough, and these are the points when we look for a miracle. We look for quadruple the sales in 1 month or a way to get hundreds of thousands of followers in a short amount of time. What discourages people from putting in the work is that many of these miracles take a long period of time to pull off. Few people realize that getting born is a miracle. The way microscopic parts of the body work is that there are millions of possibilities, but you were the possibility that was brought forth to the world. Your birth was a miracle, and that means you are hear for a reason. To make a difference.
  2. Write down 1-3 motivational quote and read it/them when you wake up. Few people think of writing motivational quotes down, and when people write motivational quotes down, they write too many. In this case, less is better because you will have a stronger appreciation of the motivational quotes you have in front of you. I use angel cards to determine what motivational quotes I get. One of them says “Think Global.” I got this card when I had a little under 30,000 Twitter followers and a mediocre strategy to gain a targeted following. The second card is a motivational quote that I read daily that says, “Keep charing ahead, and don’t take no for an answer. Expect miraculous solutions to appear.” It may be easy to imagine how reading that type of motivational quote can charge someone up every day.
  3. Just get out of bed. We all know that sleeping too little is bad for our health and causes symptoms like depression and anxiety. Plot twist: sleeping too much causes the same symptoms. Depending on what time I get to bed, I sleep between 6.5 to 8 hours. I never sleep for more than 8.5 hours at anytime simply because the human body does not need as much sleep as advertised. The people at Buffer have a lot of data on the amount of sleep we really need. Most of the time, I only sleep for 7.5 hours on a given day. The next question you may be wondering is how I always get out of bed at that time. I’ll say that I do not have an internal alarm clock, and I use a devious trick with the alarm clock that wakes me up every day. For some, the trick may be too devious to even attempt, but it is definitely worth it, and it will get you out of bed for sure

Motivation does not last daily which is why it is important to constantly practice these three motivational tips so you have an empowering day. What were your thoughts on the list? Do you have any additional advice on having a motivating day? Please share your thoughts and advice below.


I recently made the switch from WordPress’ free emailing service to iContact. I knew that if I wanted to reach tens of thousands of subscribers, something needed to change. Now I am wondering why I did not make the switch before. iContact has proven to be a more powerful option than WordPress’ free emailing service, and here’s why:

  1. iContact allows me to customize the emails I send out. Instead of being linked to an RSS Feed and sending out an email each time I come out with a new blog post, iContact gives me the power to craft my own emails and include links to blog posts. This allows me to send one email every week containing links to all of the blog posts that I published that week.
  2. iContact allows you to create autoresponders. Autoresponders are a series of emails that everyone gets when they subscribe to your blog. You can space out how long it takes for people to receive an email from the autoresponder and use it to promote one of your products in a way that people would want to buy it. WordPress’ emailing service did not provide this option.
  3. iContact allows me to interact with my subscribers in a better way. No matter which service you use, there is a certain degree of automation. iContact allows you to schedule messages while WordPress would just send a message each time you came out with a new blog post. However, iContact allows me to craft my own message which allows me to interact with my subscribers in a better way. I get to ask subscribers how their day was, what they want to do differently, and anything else I want to ask them all in one email.
  4. I have more control over the confirmation and welcome messages. Not only do I get to write anything I want for these two messages, but I also get to change the way these messages look. I decide what the backgrounds for these messages look like, the size of the font, and everything else as well.
  5. More plugin capabilities. There are more WordPress plugin capabilities associated with iContact that WordPress’ free emailing service. Switching over to iContact has allowed me to do numerous things with my blog such as include a subscription form at the end of every blog post. This was previously not possible with WordPress’ emailing service, and now this form at the bottom at every blog post has been responsible for a majority of my subscribers.

There are some costs associated with making it as a full-time blogger. Buying access to an emailing service is one of the best investments any blogger can make to grow their email list. What are your thoughts on iContact and using paid email service options to get access to more features? Please share your thoughts below.


As you write more blog posts, your older blog posts will get pushed farther below your blog’s main page until they get kicked off the first page. The typical blog post that gets kicked off the first page gets a significant decrease in viewership. However, there are blog posts that were written several years ago that are still getting thousands of daily visitors leaving most bloggers stumped. The question everyone wants to ask is how this happens and how the results can be replicated.

The most important thing for you to know about these types of blog posts is that they dominate the search engines. If you search a term like “Top 100 Inspirational Quotes,” chances are you will still see the Forbes article written in May 2013. Social media is a great way to get initial traffic, but to get consistent, long-term traffic on a daily basis without having to post a tweet on the same blog post every day, incredible SEO is the way to go.

I have been using social media to save my articles that get old but still provide value. However, my most popular articles are the ones that I don’t have to tweet about every day. They bring in traffic through the search engines. I put in the work at one point, and now these articles bring in passive traffic.

What are your thoughts on making sure your blog does not get deserted by using SEO? What advice do you have for people who are trying to pull it off? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

For a very short period of time, Twitter hid the number of followers every account has. Whether this was a bug or Twitter trying out a new feature, it is interesting to think what would happen if every social network decided to hide the number of followers we have.

This is an intriguing topic that has many good sides and bad sides. The most obvious benefit is that the law of big numbers no longer applies. If social networks decided to hide audience sizes, no one will know if you have 10 followers or 10 million followers. With LinkedIn, people with over 500 connections are shown as having “500+ connections.” As far as we know, that “500+” could mean 501 connections or 2,000 connections.

The fake follower industry has turned into a multi-million dollar underground business that even attracts the most famous Twitter users. If Twitter hides this number, there is no longer a legitimate reason to buy fake followers. Fake followers do not result in more engagement, and no one is going to see the big number. The people in the fake follower industry would be devastated if this change ever took place.

However, removing the number of followers we have creates a problem. Now there will be more experts calling themselves experts. Many people have the natural tendency to go to the experts who have the most followers. Many people go to the expert with 10,000 real followers for advice before they go to the expert with 1,000 real followers. Removing the number eliminates the distinction between the experts with big audiences and the experts with smaller audiences. The people who have built their audiences from the ground up will now have a big piece of that hard work hidden from view. I don’t want the fact that I have over 100,000 Twitter followers to be hidden.

In this type of world, the main way to determine how influential someone is on social media is through engagement. In this type of world, the person who gets 10 retweets is more influential than the person who only gets one retweet. Engagement is a good way to determine influence, but just like follower numbers, engagement is also something that can get rigged. Just by typing “buy retweets” into Google, I saw an option to buy 1,000 retweets for just $8. Removing the follower count invites people to rig the system by buying their way to higher engagement numbers. Although it’s not quality engagement that results in long-term interactions and connections, the law of big numbers comes back into play. If you can’t tell how big people’s audiences are and which retweets are real or fake, the person with 1,000 fake retweets looks more influential than the person with 100 real retweets. You can buy practically any kind of engagement for any social network. If the option does not exist for a particular social network now, it will exist in the very near future.

The final act Twitter and other social networks could take would be to hide all of the numbers, but in my opinion, that would cause too much chaos. Hiding the number of followers we have is chaotic enough, but hiding the size of our audiences will force every marketer, entrepreneur, and expert to ask themselves whether they are really doing a good job or not. This type of self reflection is what allows the fakers to realize they are doing something wrong and the people with targeted audiences to realize that what they are doing is right.

Is it a good move to hide audience sizes? Just as all of the people who bought fake followers deserve this fate, the people who have built their audiences from the ground up do not deserve to have their audience size hidden. Then again, does the size of an audience matter at all, or is it all about engagement, which could also get rigged? There are so many different perspectives and thought patterns that can emerge from this topic of discussion

What is your opinion?


Any expectation, good or bad, will happen if you think about it long enough, have a strong belief that it will happen (in order words, you aren’t just saying something will happen for the sake of it happening), and you put in the work. If you have a strong belief in your ability to make a strong income, and you put in the work to make it happen, that expectation will come to pass.

With this power in our hands, many people choose to use it poorly. Many people put their expectations low or expect themselves to be worse off than they are already. Those kinds of negative expectations also come to pass if you think of them for a long period of time.

Live your life with optimistic thoughts and put in the work that will allow you to turn an optimistic thought into a reality. No goal is too big. What will you do? It’s your choice.



Many people see Instagram is a social network with an emphasize on the social and selfies. However, if you utilize Instagram properly, it can be more than that. It is important to remember that there are over 200 million monthly active users on Instagram and that posts with pictures have been proven to get more engagement than posts without pictures. Many brands take full advantage of Instagram while others wonder how they can do the same. In order to use Instagram for your business, follow these five tips:

  1. Take pictures of coupon codes. Only posting pictures of coupon codes on Instagram will give people another reason to follow your business. Better yet, posting coupon codes weekly or monthly will give people a reason to go back to your account and see what has recently been added.
  2. Post a tip of the day with a relevant picture. If you provide a tip for your followers with a picture that correlates with the tip, you will create the type of posts that your audience will like and share with their friends.
  3. Host a giveaway that encourages interaction. Whole Foods knows how to use Instagram very effectively. One of their pictures was of a girl riding a bike with groceries in the bike’s basket. Whole Foods invited its audience to post a picture of themselves riding a bike with groceries with #BikeToShop in the post. The prize was a $250 gift card.
  4. Let your audience know more about business life. You can use Instagram to show people what goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps if McDonald’s did this, we would realize once and for all what really gets used to make those McNuggets.
  5. Let your audience know more about your personal life. Many people forget to do this, but it is very important to include your personal life. This allows people in your audience to know about you and have a stronger connection with you. If a billionaire decided to post on Instagram a picture of a sports team, you would be able to relate better with that billionaire.

Those are the five ways to use Instagram for business. What were your thoughts on the list? Do you have any additional tips on using Instagram for business? Please share your thoughts and advice below.



There are over 70 million people on Pinterest, and the number keeps on growing as the days go by. Pinterest continues to grow, and the bigger you are able to make your audience at this stage of the game, the more popular you will be when Pinterest exceeds the big milestones such as 100 million, 200 million, or even 500 million users. Pinterest has been growing at a rapid rate, and it shows no signs of slowing down. That is why now is exactly the right time to grow your audience on Pinterest. That is why I am going to provide you with six ways for you to do that:

  1. Pin every day. The more times you pin, the more chances you have of getting more repins and spreading farther on Pinterest.
  2. Follow other people. Chances are some of these people will follow you back.
  3. Create a variety of boards. This allows you to have multiple target audiences who get attracted to specific content that you pin.
  4. Use Pinterest messaging. Pinterest messaging is a great feature to take advantage of to spread and interact with your followers, and I went more into detail on how to do that in this article.
  5. Repin other people’s pins. Not only does this give you more variety, but some people will decide to follow you back for repinning their pins.
  6. Use ViralWoot. ViralWoot, the Twiends for Pinterest, is a great way to build your Pinterest audience.

Those are the six ways to grow a big audience on Pinterest. What are your thoughts on the list? Do you have a seventh tip? Please share your thoughts and advice below.



No matter what niche you are in, you will (need to) have downtime. Taking breaks is important because it allows you to think with a clean slate the next time you go back to your work. There are few people who can work for countless hours straight, and those people are the exceptions, not the rule. For most of us (that means you, me, and countless others), we need some downtime. However, there are many people who spend their downtime doing the wrong things. Those wrong things include watching TV, surfing the web, and doing other unproductive activities that eat up more time than we realize and make it harder for us to get back to our work each time. However, there are some positive ways to spend your downtime. Here are the big three:

  1. Spend time with your family. Without a good family, all of the wealth you could possibly accumulate would not be worth it. Family comes first, and I would not be where I am today if this was not a core belief for my own family. Your family consists of the people who you will know for the rest of your life, so treat them well.
  2. Exercise. I cannot emphasize enough how much running has indirectly helped my business. Running taught me that it is possible to thrive after putting in a lot of hard work. Exercising over a long period of time has given many people the discipline needed for success.
  3. Read a book. Not only do you get to learn more, but in some cases, you will be able to read a thrilling story. There are some books that we read that we simply never want to stop reading. Unbroken, Tipping Point, and Purple Cow are three books that you won’t want to put down until you finish reading them.

Those are the three best things to do during your downtime. There are plenty of other things you could do during your downtime, but most of those things involve procrastinating, losing time, and getting stuck doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason. What are your thoughts on the list? Do you have any additional things you do during your downtime that you enjoy and find valuable? Please share your thoughts and advice below.