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5 Ways To Boost Your Kindle Book Sales

The goal of every self-published author is to get as many book sales as possible. They write several Kindle books and try a variety of marketing tactics to boost sales.

I have written over a dozen books and experimented with several marketing tactics. Some of the tactics worked while others were total flops. As I learned from my experiences and looked at other people’s experiences, it became more clear to me what it meant to build a Kindle Empire.

Building a Kindle Empire is the art of writing numerous Kindle books and then promoting them like crazy. You only have to publish one book to discover that the people won’t just come no matter how good your book is.

Some of the top self-published authors spend more time on the marketing side of the business than on the writing side of the business.

Some authors completely outsource the writing process so they can focus on the marketing.

Regardless of how often you write content for your books, you must spend a considerable amount of time marketing your Kindle books. In order to boost your Kindle book sales through marketing, follow these five tips.


#1: Have A Free Book Promotion

This tactic is one of the commonly discussed tactics for getting sales. The idea behind this one is that offering your book for free allows your Kindle book to rank well in the Kindle store’s free category.

Some people who read your free version may decide to leave a review. To boost the number of reviews your book gets from the free promotion, do the following:

Engage with the people who say they bought your book. Ask them what their favorite part about your book is. As the conversation develops, ask for a quick review.

Include a link at the end of the book that leads your readers to the page where they can quickly post a review for your book.

The free promotion will lead to more visibility and theoretically more sales for your Kindle book when it’s taken out of the free category.

However, the timing in which your book is taken out of the free category also plays a role in the number of sales it gets.

If you take your book out of the free category at the right timing (i.e. 3 pm eastern), you can get a lot of sales from the exposure your book has garnered from the free category.

It takes Amazon’s system a while to remove your book from the free category once you cancel the free promotion on your own. That means all of the people in the free category can buy your book.

Of course, you won’t get as many downloads, but now all of the downloads you get from here on are paid downloads.


#2: Price Your Book At $0.99 In The Beginning

The big publisher has numerous advantages over the small self-published author. However, one advantage the big publisher will never have is the price advantage.

You can easily price your books at $0.99 without worrying about losing money. A big publisher pricing any book at $0.99 per book is on the verge of big losses.

$0.99 won’t lead to a big commission per sale, but you will get sales. As you continue raking up sales, you will climb up in the book rankings.

$0.99 is also the ideal price to charge for your book after you cancel its free promotion. Customers who look in the free section will see your book at $0.99. Some people will ignore your book, but others will think, “Well, $0.99 is basically free.”

You’ll only get $0.35 for the book sale, but as you get more sales, your book will bring in consistent revenue. Once your book has a solid ranking, you then have the option to slowly inch up your book’s price to $1.99 and then the ideal $2.99 for the 70% royalty cut.


#3: Content Upgrade Autoresponders

Content upgrades are upgrades to your blog post that people get in exchange for an email address. Just as a quick example of a content upgrade, here’s what I did with my blog post, 4 Ways To Use Blab For Your Business

Blab Content Upgrade

Content Upgrades get high levels of conversion compared to most webpages. While the typical blog post with a content upgrade experiences a 20% conversion rate, some of them have a conversion rate greater than 60%.

Imagine how many extra subscribers you would get if ALL of your blog posts included content upgrades.

That’s what I’m trying to do on this blog. All of my blog posts from here on will have content upgrades, and I am adding content upgrades to some of my most popular blog posts.

You can make revenue with content upgrades by nurturing the relationship between you and your new subscribers and then promoting your product.

However, each content upgrade also gives you the opportunity to promote one of your books. In a content upgrade with a productivity theme, I can point people to my Outsourcing Domination book.

Of course, you may find yourself writing a blog post about something that you don’t have a Kindle book for.

For that, you can create a pre-order sales page for your book. All you need for the pre-order page is the cover and description.


#4: Launch Team

Who says you have to promote your book alone. Some of the most successful books are built through launch teams. I was one of the ambassadors for Daymond John’s Power Of Broke.

About 100 people were on that launch team. We got some goodies sent our way, but that was it.

Creating your own launch team doesn’t have to be an expensive effort. You can simply provide a free copy of your book to anyone who becomes a part of your launch team.

You can ask the people within your launch team to leave reviews for your book when it comes out and to tell their audiences about it.

A launch team presents you with many options, and if you want a book to do particularly well in the Kindle store, then I highly recommend utilizing a launch team of some sorts. Even if that launch team just consists of family and friends.


#5: Look At What You Currently Offer

A trap some self-published authors fall into is looking at new books to boost their sales. They focus on producing more content and optimizing new sales pages that they forget about their current books.

You can make a small tweak to one of your older Kindle books to boost its sales. You can slightly change the description, the cover, or some other element of the book. One small change can potentially lead to great results.

For your books that are seeing a lag in sales, you can do a free promotion or a discount to give that old title some life again.

It’s great to write new Kindle books and optimize those for success, but don’t forget about what you have already written.


In Conclusion

Boosting Kindle sales all comes down to effective marketing. You can write as many books as you want, but if they are not marketed properly, then you won’t get many sales.

Effective marketing allows your books to generate more sales, and as your new books generate more sales, your older books will get more sales too.

Some of your readers will be so delighted by their first experience that they’ll want to read more of your paid content.

However, it all starts with effective marketing.

What are your experiences with Kindle marketing? Have any tips for us? Sound off in the comments section below.


Some people approach business as doing work when they think about it. To achieve success in business, you need to plan out each day the night before.

Time management is an important skill for goal achievement and the work-life balance. The way we utilize the time we are given ultimately determines what we do within our lives and how we impact others.

In this video, I will share with you four methods you can use to get better time management while not becoming the victim of bad habits that put you back where you started.

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3 Juicy Email List Building Methods You're Probably Not Using

See what you’ve been missing

The money is in your email list. It’s a well-known fact that gets mentioned again and again on blogs like this one.

The importance of an email list has led to marketers all around the world trying to grow their email lists as quickly as possible. The thinking is that the more people on the email list, the better.

If you know how to promote your content and products to your email list, then yes, more is better.

So most marketers grow their email list by using some of the same tactics. Create a landing page and promote that on each social network. Have a subscription box on the blog’s sidebar. Maybe some Facebook advertising if you’re serious about getting leads.

Those methods work, but there are certain methods for getting subscribers that remain untouched by most marketers. These methods can result in a significant increase in subscribers because of the logic behind the methods combined with how your audience would react to these methods.


#1: Content Upgrades

I only write one blog post per week now. Every other blog post I put up is a video. This decision allowed me to save a massive amount of time. The extra time allowed me to pursue a new email list building idea.

Content upgrades!

Content upgrades are additions to the current blog post that your visitors can get access to in exchange for an email address. I first learned about content upgrades through Jeff Bullas’ Blog.

Content upgrade example

I remember reading the article a while ago thinking that it sounded like a great idea, but in the end, I didn’t have enough time. I was also in the middle of my junior year of high school.

Outsourcing and video blogging reintroduced me to a lot of extra time. That’s why all of my future blog posts will now include content upgrades.

In other words, EVERY blog post I write from here on is also a LANDING PAGE.

I am also working towards adding content upgrades to my most popular blog posts. And the conversion rates for content upgrades are amazing.

According to the article from Jeff Bullas’ Blog, you can expect a 20% conversion rate from a content upgrade. Some content upgrades have over 50% conversion rates.

The reason content upgrades work so well is because they are hyper-targeted to the specific blog post that is being read at the time.

I recently started using content upgrades for my blog. Here’s what I did for my blog post about avoiding the top five distractions.

Content Upgrade Marc Guberti

It’s targeted and directly below the blog post. People don’t have to click on a link and get redirected to a landing page.

Imagine what would happen if 20% of your blog visitors became subscribers. If you wanted to gain 100 subscribers per day, you would only have to get 500 visitors per day in order to get that many subscribers per day—assuming all of your blog posts came with content upgrades. And that doesn’t even include subscribers from landing pages.


#2: Live Streaming

I am still exploring the possibilities of live streaming, but it is very exciting to think about the possibilities.

Live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab give you the opportunity to interact with your audience live. You can answer their questions in real-time, and your audience will hear how you answer the questions.

One thing you can do with live streaming is promote your landing page. As you wrap up a live recording, you can mention a landing page related to what the live stream was all about.

This is where Blab outshines the competition. Blab comes with an interactive chat section that allows viewers to ask questions and engage with one another.

Within this chat section, you can insert the link to your landing page for everyone to click on. If you want to use something like Periscope or Meerkat, then you must state what the link is.

To make it easier for everyone to remember the link, you need to come up with a custom link.

For instance, is a link that would be very difficult for me to say and very difficult for my audience to remember (where do the dashes go).

Having a link like makes it a lot easier for people to access the same URL. It’s much easier to remember that “Twitter” goes after the slash line instead of all of the mumbo jumbo after the slash line for the first link.


#3: Webinars

Promote your landing page in a webinar? No, no. You promote products in webinars.

You use webinar landing pages to collect email addresses.

There are some notable differences between a webinar and a landing page.

First off, the webinar is set at a specific time and date. The landing page you use to promote the webinar won’t be good forever, so you have a stronger incentive to promote that webinar’s landing page to as many people as possible.

The incentive will force you to get more creative with how you promote your landing page. However, the creativity and extra work with promoting a webinar isn’t the only advantage to having a webinar.

The other advantage is that you can get a lot of sales with a good webinar. If you want to get high conversions for sales, host a great webinar with a call-to-action.

As an affiliate who has promoted many people’s products, I generate most of my total commission on the day I promote someone’s webinar with my affiliate link.

Webinars grab people’s attention, and the audience can ask questions. At the end of the webinar, people can take immediate action and buy your product—if you provide the call-to-action.

Then, you can invest some of that money into growing your email list even more (i.e. Facebook advertising).


In Conclusion

Building your email list should be your top priority regardless of what niche you are in. Email marketing is the most successful type of marketing on the web.

Email marketing allows you to build the strongest relationships and generate the most sales at the same time.

Literally everything you do online should have the primary aim of getting you more subscribers.

What are your thoughts about growing your email list? Do you have any tips for us? Sound off in the comments section below.


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