It has been established that innovations are critical towards getting more customers. Instead of doing what everyone else does, you have to be different. Whether you are different by raising your prices or offering a high quality product, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

However, this idea has brought forth the idea that any innovation is a good one. That is simply not the case. There are several innovations that are not effective. The only innovations that are effective are the ones that people notice. If your customers do not notice your innovation, then it’s not going to work.

Authors who add content to already published books do not just add a few pages. Adding a few pages would be a minor change that went unnoticed. Instead, when authors update their already published books, they are adding several pages to those published books. Some authors write an additional 40 pages that get added to an already published book. The people who purchased their book the first time will end up purchasing their book the second time because 40 pages is a lot of new content. 40 pages is a noticeable change which results in more sales.

When you make changes to your business model, you need to make positive changes that your customers will notice. Electric powered cars get noticed because they are safer for the environment.

Before you make a change to your business or product, ask yourself if your customers would be able to see and appreciate the change that you are going to make.


One of the most underrated but powerful ways to grow your business and get more sales is asking. There is no harm with asking. If you ask a blogger to promote your book, the worst thing that can happen is that the blogger says no. If the blogger says yes, then one more person is promoting your book. Your book gets a backlink and extra sales.

Asking can lead to better business opportunities. Every time someone sends a pitch to reporter’s query on HARO, they are asking if they fit the story. The worst thing that happens is that the reporter rejects the story. The best thing that can happen is that the reporter takes your story, asks you for more information, and then publishes your story. That’s how I got featured on the US News.

One of the people who I interviewed for Lead The Stampede was Dan Nainan, the world-renowned comedian. I knew I would include Dan in Lead The Stampede whether he followed me on Twitter or not, but I decided to ask him if he could follow me on Twitter. I worded my request in the right way (I was not begging), and he ended up following me. Dan has over 400,000 people and he only follows 40 people. I am one of those 40 people only because I decided to ask Dan if he would like to follow me on Twitter.

What are some of the things you can ask? Ask the questions that you are afraid to ask. By asking these kinds of questions, you are showing an interest in what you do and getting the desired result. If you can ask a question in a way that does not look like begging, you can get the result you want many times.


For newbies, making money online is an enigma. There are thousands of ways to make money online, but deciding which methods to go with is the challenging part. I remember when I wanted to learn about making money online. Just like everyone else, I simply Googled “how to make money online.” In less than a second, over 2.2 billion search results came up on Google. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the articles that share different tactics to making money online. If you are continuing your search for ways to make money online, I am going to end your search by showing you 5 ways to make money online that you need to implement right away.

  1. Write eBooks. You can publish eBooks on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, and others places as well. The royalty you get per eBook depends on which service you are using and what you charge for your eBook.
  2. Create training courses. Training courses can be sold for more money than an eBook, and a training course can also be used to promote an eBook. In my Twitter Domination training course, I give away almost half of my How To Be Successful On Twitter book for free.
  3. Have multiple products. Having multiple products guarantees the possibility of returning customers. When a customer likes your first product, you want to give that customer a place to go after they have utilized your first product. That place to go would be your second product.
  4. Use Squidoo. Squidoo is a free way to get backlinks to your blog, create websites, and get paid at the same time. Some people make over $1,000 on Squidoo every month!
  5. Create a membership site. Membership sites are similar to training courses. The only difference is that a membership site results in a recurring revenue while a training course is one flat rate.

The reason the list was cut down to only five ways to make money online is because a blog post containing a lot of ways for people to make money online would overwhelming. In Honest Ways To Make Money Online, I go more in detail about the different ways to make money online, but for now, these are the five tips that you should implement right away.

Proofreading an eBook will reveal spelling mistakes, bad sentences, and typos in your book.After taking several months to read, proofread, and proofread Honest Ways To Make Money Online, I decided that it was finally time to publish the eBook. As a new author who wanted to see results, I knew that by publishing more eBooks, I would get better results. As a result, I wanted to publish as many eBooks as I possibly could. I rushed through Keep The Ball Rolling, and it ended up being only 20 pages. That taught me to slow down my frequency so I could write longer, higher quality eBooks.

Looking back at Keep The Ball Rolling, I knew that I could do a better job at relaying the information to my readers and giving them the motivation they needed to finish their eBook ideas. I did proofread for bad sentences, typos, and spelling errors, but I did not proofread thinking that I could add more content and make the message clearer for my readers. That was the big mistake I made as a rookie writer. I also knew that instead of thinking about my mistakes and lamenting over them, I could make a change. It was at that moment when I decided I would proofread all of Keep The Ball Rolling and provide more content for my readers.

I decided that within a week, I would have Keep The Rolling updated on Kindle so that it would reflect the changes that I made. Within the first hour of typing, I got Keep The Ball Rolling from 8,000 words to over 10,000 words. All I did was proofread the book with the mindset that I could add extra content anywhere in the book. By adding extra content to Keep The Ball Rolling, I was able to provide more content for my readers. You can see the updated Keep The Ball Rolling here.

There are two lessons that you need to learn from my story. The first lesson is that proofreading an eBook is very important. However, when you proofread a book, don’t just check for spelling mistakes, typos, and bad sentences. Check for ways to add more content to your eBook. The second lesson is that not all mistakes are final. Publishing a ridiculously short book was a mistake. Now, Keep The Ball Rolling has a lot more content, and I am happier with where Keep The Ball Rolling is now than where it was when I published it.


The reason why most blogs do not take off is because they do not get shared on social networks often. Getting your blog shared on social networks is the best way to get more traffic to your blog. My blog’s traffic rises in direct relation to the number of tweets I send out in a given day and when I gain more targeted followers. In order to get your blog posts shared more often, follow these 7 tips:

  1. Include social sharing buttons either at the top or bottom of all of your blog posts. By including social sharing buttons, you are giving your readers an easier way to share your blog posts. Your readers will be less inclined to share a blog post if that involves copying the link, going to the social network, pasting the link, and writing some text. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your blog posts.
  2. Grow targeted followings on one or multiple social networks. Targeted followings are critical to the growth of your blog. Targeted followers are more likely to reshare your posts and engage with you in a conversation.
  3. Write a strong title. Many times, people share a blog post based on the title. Few people who share blog posts take the time to read the entire blog posts. Most people just skim through parts of a blog post.
  4. Write quality content. Although most people skim through blog posts, it is still important to write quality content. If someone reads through enough of your blog post to determine that it is a quality blog post, that person will share the blog post. If someone comes back and share two more blog posts because of quality content, that person will be sharing your blog posts on a daily basis since they know you provide quality content. By writing quality content, you will be creating blog posts that are worth sharing.
  5. Write blog posts consistently and frequently. If you write one blog post every day, your blog posts are more likely to get shared on social networks. In addition, you should post all of your blog posts at the same time of the day. If everyone knows when you publish your blog posts, they will all visit your blog at that time to read the new content.
  6. Share your blog posts on your own social networks. Having the targeted followers will not be as valuable if you do not share your blog posts via your social networks. If you want other people to share your blog posts, you will have to share them as well. This will enforce the importance of writing content on your blog that you would be proud to share.
  7. Boost the SEO. If your blog is SEO equipped, your blog will get targeted visitors. When your blog gets targeted visitors, those visitors will be more likely to share your blog posts than non-targeted visitors. Boosting your SEO will allow you to get more visitors from Google who search phrases related to your blog’s content.

These are the seven ways to get more people to share your blog posts. By implementing these tactics consistently, people will share your blog posts at an exponential rate. What are your thoughts about the list, and do you have any additional tips you would like to recommend?


I happened to stumble across a book on Amazon recently called Is $0.99 The New Free? by Steve Scott The title intrigued me, so I decided to do some searching. This book, and most of the other author’s books are priced at $0.99, and many of these books have over 100 reviews. His books are close to 50 pages, and I decided that I should be able to do something like that. On Kindle Direct Publishing, selling a book for $0.99 results in you getting a 35% commission per sale while selling a book for $2.99-$9.99 results in you getting a 70% commission per sale.

The next thing that came to mind is the highly successful App Store in which most of the successful paid apps are priced at $0.99. Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, and all of the other cool paid games are worth $0.99.

While working on Lead The Stampede, I have decided to give this a try. I am aware that this would result in a commission cut, but the volume of sales can easily make up for the commission. It is better to make 5 sales and make $10 than it is to make 1 sale and make $10. As more people get their hands on the $0.99 books, that will result in more reviews which will result in more customers as well.

Lead The Stampede will still be published in the summer, but I may be able to write another book before the start of summer. By the end of the year, I will most likely be selling a $0.99 eBook.



High school is definitely different from prior school experiences. There are more sports and clubs to choose from. The academics get more challenging and in many cases, there is a larger student body, a larger school, or both. Sports in particular can teach a lot of lessons. I am an athlete who has tried out for sports and now runs for my school’s track and cross country teams. I have learned many lessons along the way, but these are the three most powerful lessons I have learned.

  1. There are cuts. Not every athlete makes the roster which is just like not everyone who sends in the job application gets hired. For entrepreneurs, there are countless options. For me in particular, there are thousands of Twitter tools to choose from. However, I only use a select few so I am able to save time and get the best results at the same time. I do not use JustUnfollow very much because I would have to pay in order to get the good features without limits. Instead, I use ManageFlitter and Tweepi for free which when combined can do better than JustUnfollow. Some people use JustUnfollow to put two Twitter tools together, but I prefer using the two Twitter tools that are free that can almost do the same as one paid Twitter tool. Not every option is the right one. There are a lot of reasons to go with JustUnfollow, ManageFlitter, and Tweepi, but there need to be cuts.
  2. The most dedicated athletes make it the farthest. The strongest athlete on the team is not necessarily the best athlete. A dedicated athlete can put in twice the amount of practice and eventually become faster than the strongest athlete. However, if the strongest athlete has a lot of dedication, that tends to results in breaking records and being very effective on game day. Only the most dedicated entrepreneurs and bloggers will be able to go from getting no sales and no visitors to getting hundreds of thousands of visitors while having the luxury of living the 6 figures life.
  3. The best athletes get the most attention. When it’s the best athlete’s turn to play, conversation stops. Everyone watches the best athlete in action simply because that athlete is the best. While all of the other athletes do the same thing, there are some athletes who do a better job than everyone else. If you want to get more attention for your business, do not focus on being the second best or running behind the best person. Focus on becoming the best person so people see your business and products as remarkable.

Those are the three lessons we should all learn (or now remember) from high school sports. Some sports are easier to make in than others, and the amount of attention the best athlete depends on the sport that athlete is playing. However, for all sports, these three lessons apply, and they are also lessons that can easily be applied to business and entrepreneurship.


Finding sources is an important way to get new content and build connections at the same time. While writing my book Lead The Stampede, I had the privilege of building strong connections with many people who I did not know about before. These sources provided content and stories related to my book, and I added those stories in my book. While the book is still scheduled to be published some time in the summer, I can share with you how I found sources for the book.

  1. Yahoo! and Wiki Answers. These places are where experts gather to answer questions that other people have. Once you find the person who is an expert in your niche, contact that person asking if they would like to be in your book and ask them for more information (this is best done with 3-5 questions).
  2. Help A Reporter Out (HARO). I cannot emphasize enough how important HARO is both for getting sources and being found. I use HARO every day to either read emails or send pitches. Most of my sources were as a result of HARO.
  3. Search on Google. By searching phrases based on your niche, you will be able to find the most popular blogs on the web. Even the bloggers with “celebrity” status will be eager to be in your book or blog post. Every blogger, even the big ones, want more traffic. Getting mentioned in a blog post or book would be a great way to get a backlink and build credibility.
  4. Look through your list of followers on your social networks. This will be harder for some people depending on the number of followers that you have. If you and another person are mutually following each other, that person is more likely to become a source for your story or blog post. In addition, if you are not following a person who you ask to become a source, be sure to follow that person immediately so they are more likely to become a source for your story or blog post.

These are the four ways to get more sources. Whether you are the news anchor for a national TV channel or new blogger, it is important to get sources so you can add different views and more tips for your readers.


Subscribers are critical towards your success on YouTube. Subscribers are the ones who enjoy watching your content and get notified each time you come out with a new video. Getting YouTube subscribers is so important that I could not possibly make this a short list. I needed to create a giant list which is why for this blog post, I will share with you 20 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

  1. Upload more videos. People will need to watch multiple videos on your channel before they decide to subscribe to your channel.
  2. Include a channel trailer. In 1-2 minutes, tell people what kind of videos you upload on YouTube, and don’t be shy to share your credentials.
  3. Tweet your videos. By tweeting your videos and getting some of your followers to look at a couple of your videos, you will get more subscribers.
  4. Pin your videos and scatter those pins across different boards. You can watch a YouTube video on Pinterest without leaving the social network. However, you want people to leave Pinterest so they can subscribe to your channel. In the description, mention that there are more videos on your channel which you can get to by clicking on a link in the description.
  5. Have a YouTube subscribe button on your blog. By having a YouTube subscribe button on your blog, you will be able to get a new subscriber without forcing someone to leave your blog. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  6. Have a “click here to subscribe” annotation on the corner of all of your videos. Have the annotation link to a subscription confirmation for your channel. All you need to do is paste the link in the box and from the drop down options, choose “subscribe.” By doing this, anyone who clicks on the annotation automatically gets subscribed to your channel.
  7. Urge people to subscribe to your channel, but don’t beg. Urging people in the proper way can be done by saying, “If you enjoyed this video, then please subscribe to my channel which I update every week about social media, business, and blogging.” Begging is just saying, “Please, please, pretty please subscribe to my YouTube channel.”
  8. Post your videos on Facebook. Some of your friends will end up subscribing to your YouTube channel. It is important to interact with the fan base that you have already built in order to get more subscribers for your channel.
  9. Consistently publish videos. If you post videos on a consistent basis, people will notice and subscribe to your channel.
  10. Let people know when you publish your videos. I let everyone know that I publish my videos every Saturday at 9 am Eastern. That means all of my subscribers (maybe not all of them) are constantly refreshing my channel every Saturday at 8:59 am Eastern.
  11. Share your videos on Google+. Having a Google+ account is very helpful towards getting more YouTube subscribers. Not only do you get an entire page dedicated to all of your YouTube videos, but Google+ is also a Google-owned product, just like YouTube. Using Google+ to promote your YouTube channel will allow you to put the trifecta into action!
  12. Post videos on a frequent basis. When I decided to publish 1 YouTube video every week, I saw a dramatic increase in the number of subscribers I got for my channel. If you are publishing 1 YouTube video every week, you will give your subscribers more to watch, and they will be back for more. Publishing 1 YouTube video every year is still being consistent, but you need to combine consistency with frequency.
  13. Properly tag your videos. Use phrases that you would want people to search for in order to find your videos. If your video is about getting more retweets, “how to get more repins on Pinterest” would not be a good tag to use.
  14. Write good titles for your videos. In your title, you need to tell people what your video is going to be about. The longer the title, the better. However, make sure your title is under 110 characters so people can still tweet your video using a link shortener.
  15. Write descriptions correctly. The ideal description is one that has 2-3 paragraphs and has a link at the bottom to subscribe to your channel. Instead of simply sending people to your channel with this link, you can send them to a link that automatically subscribes the person who clicks on the link.
  16. Create quality videos. This means creating a script, having the right lighting, and no unexpected sounds in the background.
  17. Interact with the subscribers that you already have. The subscribers that you already have can tell their friends about you. By interacting with your subscribers, you will be getting more subscribers via word of mouth.
  18. Have a strategic channel background. The channel background should be a picture of you at your profession or something that relates to your niche.
  19. Subscribe to other people’s YouTube channels. Some of these people will subscribe back to your channel while others will interact with you.
  20. Comment on other people’s videos. This will give you backlinks on YouTube which  allows you to rank higher on YouTube’s search results.

Those are the 20 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. It is a lengthy list compared to most of my other lists, but since getting subscribers is critical to success on YouTube, I felt the need to make this list longer than normal. What are your thoughts about the list, and are there any suggestions that you have?


Imagine having to respond to 50 emails in one week. That’s exactly what I had to do when I submitted my queries on HARO. As the amount of sticky notes on my desk increased, there was a moment when I asked myself why I decided to give myself that much work. The problem was not the workload. The problem at the time was that I did not know how to get rid of the workload fast enough. 

The people who use HARO for journalism know that it often requires a lot of work. Some journalists read hundreds of emails that they get from HARO every day. I knew that would eventually happen to me as I sent out more queries. However, I knew that by sending out more queries, I would also be able to build more connections and provide my readers with more quality content.

After sending out the query and getting all of the pitches, the first thing you need to do is read all of those pitches in 1 day. As you read the pitches, write in a notebook the names of the people who you would like to contact. On the next day, send these people emails telling them they are possible candidates or have already been chosen.

The big thing you need to do is have a rubric set up for the email. When I tell people that they may be included in my book or blog post, I send the same exact message. I am a big fan of personalized messages for the first few customers, but when it comes to responding to pitches, sending personalized messages is too time consuming. Create as many rubrics as you can until you are confronted with writing the content that will be included in your book or your blog post.

In order to send out emails faster, you need to flag all of the emails related to your HARO query. By flagging the emails related to your HARO query, you will be able to easily find those emails instead of searching for them in your inbox time and time again. When people respond to your first email, flagging those emails will allow you to identify the total number of emails that you need to reply to. Seeing the number of emails that you have to write will give you a goal. It is a well-known fact that we get more done faster when we give ourselves goals.

Your goal should be to dedicate an entire week of your time to send out all of the emails. After you send out all of the emails and start to get some responses, dedicate another week to respond to all of the responses. Another thing you want to factor in is how you will ask for more information. Some journalists call the people they want to talk to while others type some questions for the person to answer. I type the questions for people to answer because that saves a lot of times. Only during rare exceptions will I call someone on the phone.

The secret to being a HARO journalist is seeing and responding to as many pitches as possible. It’s not about creating a master piece of an email because the person who sent the pitch already sees you as a possible opportunity to build their preeminence. Saying “I’m interested in hearing more” and leaving the questions would still get a response. However, the ideal way to respond to a pitch is by saying you are interested in learning more (in 4-6 sentences) and then include the questions. In the sentences I use, I thank the person for sending the pitch, say they are likely to be featured on my blog or book, repeat the process of thanking them, and then remind them where they will be featured (some people send out numerous pitches every day).

There’s the secret sauce. This is how I respond to people on HARO quickly and effectively. What are your thoughts on this method, and how do you use HARO?


WordPress is the best place to create a blog. Whether you are using to create a free blog with the WordPress domain, or you are using to host a blog with your own domain, WordPress beats all of the other competitors. If you are deciding where you need to create your first (or next) blog, here are five reasons why you need to use WordPress.

  1. WordPress offers many themes. Not only is there variety, but most of the themes on WordPress are free. There are even categories that you can use to identify the perfect theme for your blog.
  2. WordPress has really good statistics. WordPress shows you the amount of visitors and views you got in any given day ever since your blog was created. WordPress also shows which countries view your blog the most, which links on your blog are getting clicked, and which referrers are driving traffic to your blog. If you want to access the statistics for a particular day, you can learn how to do that here.
  3. The WordPress dashboard makes WordPress easy to use for everyone. The dashboard lays out all of your options. The dashboard shows you exactly where you need to go to write a new blog post, and WordPress already gives you a form to write your new blog posts.
  4. There are countless plugins you can use to enhance your blog ( offers its members plugins that they can use to enhance the quality of their blog. These are some of the plugins that I use to get more shares, increase my blog’s speed, and get more engagement on my blog.
  5. WordPress has an above average support forum. If you have a question, someone in the support forum will answer it. While other blogging options do not have support forums (or they are well below average), WordPress beats the competition in providing a quality support forum that will get most questions answered.

Those are five reasons to use WordPress. What are your thoughts on the list, and in addition, why do you use WordPress? If you do not use WordPress, why do you use the other option instead?