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To celebrate the fact that I reached 30,000 followers to end off January, I have decided to host Hump Day Giveaways for every Wednesday of the year. This giveaway will be effectively on the next Hump Day.

The prizes that I will be giving away are my Twitter Domination Training Course and Power Blogging Training Courses. As I create more training courses and publish paperback books, I will add those to the giveaway as well.

This page will be updated for future Hump Day giveaways telling you what you can win and extra ways to qualify. It is possible for someone to enter in the giveaway more than once. Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Tweet #MGHumpDayGiveaway every Wednesday. Tweeting the hashtag two times in one day gives you a second entry, but that’s as many entries as you can get with the hashtag.
  2. Retweet my tweets on Hump Day. You can get a maximum of five entries by retweeting my tweets. Each retweet counts as an entry. Retweets on any other day are greatly appreciated, but they will not count as an entries towards the Hump Day Giveaway.
  3. Mentioning me on Twitter @MarcGuberti. You can only get 1 entry by mentioning me on Twitter. If you want to get in two entries with the same tweet, mention me and include #MGHumpDayGiveaway in your tweet.
  4. Following me while doing any of the other three things will give you an extra entry. If you decide to follow me after you do one of the three things above, that will still count as an extra entry. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win the Hump Day Giveaway.

Here are some important rules you should know about every #MGHumpDayGiveaway

  1. You get to keep half of your entries every week. If you enter in the Hump Day Giveaway 4 times this Wednesday, you get to keep 2 of your entries for the next Hump Day Giveaway. If you do not enter in for the next Hump Day Giveaway, you still have 2 entries, but that will go down to 1 entry for the next Hump Day Giveaway.
  2. If you have an odd number of entries, I will round up. Someone with 5 entries to the Hump Day Giveaway this Wednesday will automatically have 3 entries the following Wednesday. The only exception is that anyone who gets 1 entry this Wednesday goes to 0 entries the following Wednesday.
  3. If we get #MGHumpDayGiveaway to trend on Twitter, everyone who tweeted with the hashtag that Wednesday gets my Twitter Domination Training Course for free. Anyone who retweeted or mentioned me that Wednesday will get my Power Blogging Training Course for free.
  4. The winner of the giveaway will be determined at random. No bias here.

Are you looking forward to the next Hump Day? I am! If you want an entry to win my Twitter Domination Training Course for free, you know what you need to do on the 19th.


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