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Like all social networks, Pinterest does have its limits. There are some obvious ones such as following limits. However, there are some limits on Pinterest that may surprise you. These are 5 limits on Pinterest. While I completely understand some of them, I cannot understand some of the others.

  1. You can only follow 300 people per hour. The people who get a big following by following a lot of people to get follow backs do not necessarily like this rule. However, this rule is designed to prevent spam. The problem occurred when some people decided to follow over 1 million users.
  2. You have a 500 character limit per pin. I love this rule because it gives me the ability to write more than I could with 140 characters. If a picture I pin has a story behind it, I can tell the story in 500 characters.
  3. You are limited to 200,000 pins. I do not like this rule. Although it is unlikely to affect me anytime soon, this rule limits the amount of posts someone could send out. Some of the pinners with over 1 million followers also have over 50,000 pins. One of the pinners had over 90,000 pins. When these people reach 200,000 pins, what are they going to tell their followers. Either pin #200,000 will say “Thank you for following this account. Please follow my new account,” or “That’s all folks.” On Pinterest’s official website, it says they cannot change this limit for any reason.
  4. You can only have 500 boards. I do not like this rule either, but it makes more sense. 350 boards with 1 pin each are not quality boards. There is a quantity of boards, but the boards are not that good.
  5. You can only like 100,000 pins. I do not see this as a concern. A substitute for liking can be repinning and unliking pins as you repin them. However, that also creates the issue of the 200,000 pin limit.

For the most part, these limits seem to serve a good purpose. However, I am not pleased with the fact that there is a 200,000 pin limit. What are your thoughts about these limitations?

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  1. Zhuge Liang says:

    Marc, you are a big help to all of us, and deserve to do very well…!

  2. Jodi says:

    I thought the board limit was 500, not 350. I wish there was a free and easy way to upload multiple pics at once.

  3. Safdar Abbas says:

    very helpful article for me

  4. linda says:

    i would like to have more than 500 boards. what are my options

    • Marc Guberti says:

      You can merge multiple boards together (move the pins from one of your boards to another related board). You can try creating board #501 because it is possible that Pinterest may eventually change the limit.

      • Les Baxter says:

        i thought the limit was 300?

        • Marc Guberti says:

          The last I tried, you can follow up to 300 people at a time. Within an hour, the limit would reset.

          • Frances says:

            Is it still possible to follow 300 per hour? Isn’t that seen as spam?

          • Marc Guberti says:

            That’s the amount of people that Pinterest lets you follow in a given hour. As long as you post relevant content and ENGAGE with your followers, Pinterest won’t see it as spam. It’s spam when an account follows a lot of people without taking the time to engage with the audience.

  5. Carver says:

    200.000 pin is quite a Lott
    Still some to go

    • Marc Guberti says:

      It will take me a long time if I ever go past 200,000 pins. There needs to be a way to bulk schedule pins and then I’m hooked to Pinterest in the same way I am to Twitter.

  6. Very interesting information about Pinterest. Thank you, I got a lot of value from this.

  7. This is a stupid idea of Pinterest. Hope they will change these rules and limits soon.

    • Marc Guberti says:

      Pinterest has these rules in place to protect from spam. Before these rules took place, some accounts followed over 1 million people in a few days and only had a few thousand followers to show for it (this was an attempt to “game the system”). Unfortunately, it affects people like you and me too. I think Pinterest will change its rules about the pin limit as more of the top users approach the limit (most of the people with millions of Pinterest followers also have tens of thousands of pins. Some are in the hundred thousands).

  8. john says:

    Thanks Marc Guberti for kind information.!! Can i follow 200 people daily. ??? Is there any type of risk of banning account?

    • Marc Guberti says:

      That depends on the size of your account. Smaller ones doing this are seen as spammy ones, but the larger accounts are seen as the type of accounts doing this process to make more connections and provide people with value.

  9. babu says:

    How many pins can I pin per day max?

  10. okgardengirl says:

    I am not a person with a blog or business I am trying to promote so I am more a user of Pinterest for information (the kind Bloggers try to attract). I have run into a different limit when I spend time converting my Likes to Pins. I stumbled into some sort of limit as I am being told I have 30 Likes but only see 9. I guess they thought my likes going from 600 to 30 in a couple days was excessive so they will limit my access to the final 21 likes as some sort of Time-Out???

    • Marc Guberti says:

      That’s interesting. It sounds like something a social network would do. My recommendation would be to like and unlike at a more consistent, but not dramatic manner (i.e. liking/unlking 20 pins per day). Thank you for letting us all know about another Pinterest limit.

  11. kevyn Moseley says:

    What about the limit for pins per board?

    • Marc Guberti says:

      Some boards have thousands of pins, but my recommendation is to keep most boards at around 500-1000 pins so it is easier for your followers to scroll through your entire board.

  12. Vic says:

    I’ve had one pin get repinned a LOT for some reason. The interesting thing is that it still states it’s been “repinned” 6,226 times, even tho it is still being repinned. That number never changes. Very strange.

    • Marc Guberti says:

      Vic, that may just be a problem on Pinterest’s end. All social media sites, no matter how big or small, have their fair share of bugs.

  13. Desiree says:

    I have been a big fan of PINTEREST for almost since it’s inception . But, I still don’t know alot about how it works…could you send me to a previous post of yours concerning the basic facts about PINTEREST and how to be a good pinner?? Thanks so much!

    • Marc Guberti says:

      I will write a blog post about Pinterest basics soon. Until then, I do have multiple blog posts about Pinterest that can help. Just go to this blog’s search box and search “Pinterest” and a bunch of articles will come up.

  14. Quantitative limits are not the only ones – I just found out links are also banned on Pinterest. I can see why, but I’m still angry ;(

  15. I would not worry about those limits. Pinterest seems to update them from time to time, as its user base grows. Right now, you can have 500 boards and 200k pins.

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